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Should I register a .COM or a .CA domain?

Both, actually. Registering domain names with different extensions, or even additional names, can help you protect your personal or business identity, brand, ideas and trademarks.

Why should I register my .CA with Netfirms?

So you can take advantage of the great savings and features available with us. After all, we are the biggest .CA registrar in the world! If you need more convincing, check out our comparison chart.

What are the requirements for registering a .CA domain name?

Canadian Legal Status and CIRA Agreement are required when registering a .ca domain. While you are registering a .ca domain you will be prompted to agree to abide by the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) agreement shown on the domain registration page.

How do I make Netfirms my .CA registrar?

If your .CA domain name has been registered or recently renewed (for 30 days or more), you can simply login through the Netfirms Control Panel. (Just click Domains and follow the prompts.) You’ll need to ensure that your email for admin contact is current for your .CA domain, as you are required to confirm the transfer via email.

I searched for a domain name yesterday and it was available. Today, it says it’s taken. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, yes. Good domain names get snatched up quickly. That’s why it’s wise to register one you like as soon as you find out it’s available.

Will my domain name be live on the Internet right away?

Your domain can be live on the Internet in just minutes. (Note: External networks require a few hours for your domain to be live worldwide.) When you purchase your domain name, our systems send your name to the registry so your order is processed right away.

You can also get to work immediately. Our system automatically sets you up with your own Netfirms account and access to the Control Panel, where you can manage your domain settings, and setup your web page and email accounts.

Can I register multiple domain names at the same time?

Yes. You can put multiple names on the same order. Simply search for your initial name and then search again to add others.

Do my domains renew automatically?

We renew domains automatically at the end of your term. Please ensure your credit card on record is active. You can manage domain renewal and update credit card records in the control panel.

Can I start building a website when I register my domain?

With each new domain, you can put up a basic 3-page website with our Sitebuilder tool.

Do I receive any e-mail accounts with my domain name?

Yes, each domain registration includes 1 free e-mail account. You can check email by logging into your Netfirms webmail by visiting or (where is your Netfirms registered domain) or by setting up mail forwarding to your existing e-mail. If you wish to use Outlook or another POP e-mail/client, you can easily do so as well.

*The promotional price is for the first term only and renews at the regular rate.